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Acroquest is trying to create an organization in which all employees’ opinions are reflected in the assesment meeting (Happy 360) that decides salary by all employees, the monthly general Meeting of All staff (MA), etc.
It was a pleasure for all of our employees to receive the following awards from the results and to evaluate the results of our previous efforts.

Award history
Feb 2018 Health and Productivity Organization 2018 (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
Feb 2018 2018 Great Place to Work Award No.1
Jan 2018 Yokohama Good balance award
Mar 2017 Excellent Healthy management as company Grade AAA 5/114,000 companies
Feb 2017 2017 Great Place to Work Award No.2
Jan 2017 Yokohama Good balance award
May 2016 Award for Excellent Small and Medium-sized enterprise 300/3,850,000 companies (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Ind ustry)
Feb 2016 2016 Great Place to Work Award No.1
Jan 2016 Yokohama Good balance award
Nov 2015 Excellent Healthy life management(Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare)
Mar 2015 「Most precious company」(Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
Feb 2015 2015 Great Place to Work Award No.1
Feb 2015 2015 Great Place to Work Award Best Company in Asia

Part of our scheme

Happy Assessment 360

Acroquest ‘s salary and bonus assessment is very individualistic. All staff will participate in the assessment meeting and will be decided by all staff. Regardless of the position, we discuss honest opinions with each other about their achievements and abilities. A hot discussion of several hours will be held, so that all staff can understand each other more deeply than before and can be satisfied with a fair assessment and compensation decided by all.

MA(Meeting of All Staff)

MA is a meeting where all staff participate and decide internal rules of Acroquest. We freely propose the environment and rules which we can work easily, and we have a long discussion. Then the plans are implemented in turn.

Home kin kon

Home kin kon is an abbreviation for “Home King Contest”, a system that praises people who have performed wonderful actions in their daily lives.
We give a rabbit badge and 100 yen for those who have done something wonderful.

Hana ichi rin

Hana Ichi rin is decided by MA, it is a habit that all staff will become the leading role once a year. Each staff went to florist and chose one flower for him from their heart. Since each flower has a feeling, he or she spend the birthday warmly and gently wrapped in congratulations.

Companywide smoking cessation

Acroquest considers smoking as nonproductive habit and thoroughly promotes company-wide smoking cessation. Actually, the president was a heavy smoker when Acro took the whole company smoking cessation.
We think that quitting smoking in workplaces where workability is very high, health and efficiency, and internal beautification is an indispensable item.


。The Acro dormitory Value Station is a share house that is twelve minutes on foot from the company.
As a place for staff to relax, we have meetings with various themes and happy hours. The president and the vice president sometimes join in.

Coffee Break

Every day from 15: 00-15: 15, all staff suspend work and take coffee breaks together.
We will refresh our heads while conversing over coffee, from president to young people with pleasant music.


AcroDailyCheckNote was born as a tool to manage the day schedule of our young staff and has evolved into a tool indispensable for all staff now.
You can fill in the schedule and achievements in 15 minute units (utility model acquired) and it helps to improve the efficiency of daily work.
AcroDailyCheckNote page>>

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