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 z8 IT Solution Business

 IT Solution Business:Torrentio

Torrentio enables you to collect and analyze a large amount of data sent from numerous sensors and devices in real time, it makes it possible to speed up decision-making, and enables prompt response according to changes in circumstances.

 Data Analysis Experience Enhancement Solution:ENdoSnipe

ENdoSnipe helps you to utilize a huge amount of data for business, reduce substantial costs and creating new values on your business.

 Elastic Stack Introduction Support Service

Our service improved the search engine of sites that had received complaints from customers from RDBMS to Elasticsearch. We accomplished this in 2 months correcting the performance deterioration of the search function using RDBMS and realized ultra high speed search.
As an Elastic Advanced Reseller company, we will enable comprehensive support in utilizing Elasticsearch.

z8 Workplace Improvement Consulting

 Organizational practice study sessions
MMSThis study session is a practical course on how to improve the workplace. It uses detailed discussion to develop the organizational abilities of attendees.